Composed by Yoko Yamamuro in 1988


  • Kokyu,Vocal,Drums:Yoko Yamamuro
  • Clarinet:Kazuko Ninomiya
  • Claves:Michiyo Yamamuro
  • Koto:Yoka Takahashi
  • koto(base):Yogyoku Sakuma
  • Shamisen:Fukiko Tabata


(explanatory notes)

Tomoe Gozen,the beloved concubine of Minamoto Yosinaka was a nice looking lady withlong hair and fair skin. Even though she was female. she was very famous for being able to manipulate a extravagantly strong bow and became an elite commander general.She could awfully wield a long sword. Either mounted on horseback or foot and could be a good match even with Divine or Devil.She always accompanied her husband and supported him effectively as fighting commander worth one thousand soldiers.

In 1833, at the kurikara mountain pass located between Toyama pref.and Ishikawa pref. Minamoto Yosinaka defeated Taira Koremori with the astounding tactics of cow stampedo by fixing torch to cow'horn.


But his reigning period over the capital city Kyoto was short. On 20th January1184, there was the battle between Yosinaka and Minamoto Yoritomo, same Genji clan but from another family, at the Uji River near Kyoto.


Tomoe Gozen fight it out fiercely on horseback, beating and chasing away many opponents.


However, Yosinaka`s force gradually lost its might and power and there remained only five warriors on horseback with the others having been killed or kept alive or run away Tomoe one of the fave, had not been defeated.


She was told by her husband to fly wherever she like as she was female.

But she insisted on showing a final match to her husband and selected the strongest opponent and wrenched off his neck.


After that,whiIe taking off her armour and helmet,she complained in tears where she should go,knowing her husband's imminent death.She deplored and deplored deserting her husband. But she was finally persuaded to go eastward.

Nobody knew where she had gone.

(select from"Story of Heike")



2) KURENAI TO RURI(Scarlet and Blue)


composed by Yoko Yamamuro in 1989

  • Vocal:Yoko Yamamuro
  • Clarinet:Kazuko Ninomiya
  • claves:Michiyo Yamamuro
  • Koto:Yoka Takahashi
  • koto(base):Yogyoku sakuma
  • Shamisen:Fukiko Tabata

(explanatory notes )

I am so much impressed with beautiful rainbow gleaming against the blue sky that I someimes wish all of us in the human society could be as bright and brilliant as rainbow in the blue sky with such thought in my mind.I composed this song every one of you can easily song as the melody is so simplicity.



Composed by FukaKusa Kengyou in middle Edo era

  • Koto,Vocal,Kokyu:Yoko Yamamuro

(explanatory notes )

During Genroku or Houreki period,in middle Edo era,FUKAKUSA KENNGYOU composed the music on the strength of the old DOJYOJI in YOKYOKU.

This is charmed in music elegant and significant melody.


4) YOUKOU SANGYOU (Praise and Worship to the Sun)


Composed by Yoko Yamamuro in 1992

  • Kokyu, Vocal, Shanisen:Yoko Yamamuro
  • Shamisen:Fukiyo Tabata
  • Koto:Yoko Takahashi
  • Koto(base):Yogyoku Sakuma

(explanatory notes)

The shining Sun gives unlimited blessing to all the creatures on earth.Thanking super power of the Nature,I expressed utmost pleasure and joy in this song .In the ancient worlds, such as Egypt,Inca ,Empire(SouthAmerica)and Arasuka,people worshipped the Sun as Divine. Also in Japan.

“Amaterasu Oomikami"was worshipped as God of the Sun.




  • Vocal:Yoko Kamamuro

(explanatory notes)


“Danchone"literally means heart-breaking or gut-wrenching in Japanese During World War two and immediately after that, this song was sung by Kamikaze suicide pilots to praise their desperate but noble deed.

(the Words)

Sea gull and pilot may stop flying and disappear at anytime and anywhere !!!As the mast is fragile in the storm, paots are endangered in the rain of bullets!!!



(The Words)


Oh! Your hair is so disheveled.Two or three threads of hair are hanging over your sleeping face.You look so haggard, probably due to my misbehaviour. Forgive me !!!I

will never desert you .